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winter blues

How exercise can help you beat the winter blues

During winter we all love to cosy up on the couch, sleep late and enjoy comfort food. But did you know that winter blues can hit when you don’t get moving? We get it. The last thing you feel like doing when it’s rainy, grey or, heaven forbid, SNOWING outside is to go for a [...]
Lookbook Summer Love

The Handbag’s Tale: How to accessorize any outfit

A handbag is a girl’s best friend; our faithful companion, always there to support us. But it is a very personal accessory and can say a lot about the type of person you are. We at Cinta Manis have a distinctly bohemian style and we love any fashion inspired by nature and its beauty. That’s [...]
Winter travel

Winter travel: Where to chase the sun when the cold gets you down

We at Cinta Manis love the beach, the sunshine and everything else about summer. Now that the colder weather is approaching, we’re dreaming about better days… If you’re anything like us, the cold, grey skies tend to get you down. But did you know that the miserable mood many people experience during winter can also [...]
Fall trends

Get your space ready for the cosiest fall yet

We at Cinta Manis absolutely live for summer and are always sad to see it go, but we’ve got to admit that there’s something incredibly special about the colder days that ends up warming our heart… With falling leaves and misty mornings heading our way, the time has come to switch over to our red-hot [...]