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An Outfit to Slay in any Industry

Cinta Manis believes in the power of fashion. Fashion is powerful because it is about choices that show the world who we are. Women’s fashion is stronger than it has ever been, with movements like #metoo and #timesup on the red carpet, changing what fashion means to the world. Now a black dress is worn [...]

The Difference between Selfcare and Selfishness

“Self-care is a way to at least strengthen yourself, find some inner core so that you’re ready when life comes at you.” – Sarah Black McCulloch There is a difference between self-care and selfishness. Self-care is about making yourself a strong foundation for what’s to come. This is what we at Cinta Manis believe to [...]
empowered woman

Dian Fossey: The Woman who Inspires the Women who Inspire

Dian Fossey remains an inspiration to women of the world. Hers is an empowering story and about never giving up on your dreams. Fossey is best known for her work in Rwanda studying and protecting mountains gorillas. Fossey found her way through a difficult childhood by connecting to animals at a young age. She began [...]