6 Juices We Are Crushing On

By CintaManis

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Beat the summer heat with hand-pressed juices for all your wellness needs.

Fresh fruit is one of the best things about summer and your wellness needs.

And fresh fruit means fresh juice.

There are some amazing juice recipes out there for all kinds of moods and all kinds of needs.

There’s nothing quite like a fresh-squeezed juice to re-hydrate and fortify your body after a day in the summer sun.

We made a list of our favorite recipes.

While they seemingly have different purposes for the different recipes, they are all delicious and make a nutritious refresh, no matter what.


Hot Pink Beautifying Juice 

This juice is packed full of vitamins and minerals from superfoods kale and beetroot. It’s a recipe designed to heal up just about every part of the body – mental health, cancer prevention, inflammation. It’s a true wellness juice. On top of everything else, it’s beautiful hot pink color is insta-worthy.


Orange Basil Juice 

This is a twist on your classic fresh-squeezed orange juice. The hint of basil makes your start to the summer day refreshing. The orange is sweet, delicious and packed full of vitamin C while the basil is a cool layer added to breakfast.

Hydration Boost Juice 

Packed full of hydration and electrolytes with watermelon and cucumber, this juice is sweet like store-bought juices from the delicious strawberries. This is a juice for those day when you can’t escape the summer heat and are just living in sweat.

Immunity Booster Green Juice 

Spinach, kale, ginger and celery make this juice a powerhouse of green goodness for your body and it’s wellness. For a fresh and sweet taste, you add lime and apple. This is one that is perfect for before and after travel when your immune system is at its most vulnerable.

Anti-Inflammation Green Juice 

This anti-inflammation juice is chock full of foods that fortify your body wellness – lemon, ginger, cucumber, spinach and celery help flush toxins from your system and pineapple and apple not only give it a sweet taste but introduce those good vitamins back into the body.

Red Spark Energy Juice 

Another juice that sells itself with its beautiful color, this red juice will lure you right in. When your need an energy kick, this grapefruit, blood-orange, strawberry, blackberry juice beckons you. The citrus wakes you up and focuses the mind, and for added mineral nutrition, keep the skins on the citrus before adding them to the juicer.

Visit your local market and get juicing.

-With Sweet Love

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