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Our Muse: Sweet Love For The Island of Bali

By CintaManis

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Exotic beaches and natural beauty that captures your eyes. An atmosphere filled with sweet notes of freedom, cultural richness and soulful life. A place where your mind, body, soul and spirit can escape to a transcendent place overflowing with peace and joy; a place that is untainted by the ever-growing uncertainties and stresses of a fast-paced, modern life full of non-stop chores and an exhausting daily list of to-dos and deadlines. We at Cinta Manis are so excited to share about a place which has been well-treasured in our heart at the very conception of our existence as a fashion brand. Located in the Indian Ocean amongst many tropical islands, the Indonesian island of Bali is not only a major tourist destination for tourists worldwide, but it is also a special destination we at Cinta Manis consider “home”. Truly, home is where the heart is.

Let Us Now Introduce You to the Essential Reasons for Why Bali has Been Our Muse from the Get-Go and Why We Don’t Want You to Miss out on the Wonders & Sweet Love of this Awesome Island!

Cinta Manis Sweet Love of Dreams Fashion Collection

Known for its serene beaches and beautiful nature, Bali is the perfect travel destination when you need a break from the stresses of life. It is known as the place to escape to for wanderlust souls to experience new creativity and explore new opportunities. Famously known for being Indonesia’s top travel destination and a “Paradise Island”, millions of tourists from all over the world take a trip to Bali every year to enjoy the island’s rich nature, relaxing retreats, amazing cultural attractions and fun activities.


For decades, Bali has been the go-to vacation spot for people looking for the perfect getaway. This past March, TripAdvisor awarded Bali with the title “best travel destination” and recently named the island as the global winner of the 2017 Travelers’ Choice Awards. Other people’s love and appreciation for the locals, culture and island life in Bali was part of what inspired Stine to establish Cinta Manis in the island of Sweet Love.


Bali: A Tech Hub for Entrepreneurs

Image by andrealoubier

Recently, among long-term expats and aspiring entrepreneurs, Bali has also been specially coined as the place where the next American Dream is happening!

Bali is the new muse for short-term and long-term expats, tourists, and digital nomads as the Bali Island life offers the perfect startup hub-environment for aspiring entrepreneurs to network, get creative and envision new ideas. It is the new epicenter for all kinds of people, ranging all the way from individuals looking for a career-change to tech entrepreneurs and influential professionals with a love for everything artsy.

Unlike other places full of modern 21st-century chaos, Bali has a free-spirited, calm and relaxed island vibe that you can feel the very second you step foot on the island. As shared in our previous post Introducing the Sweet Love of Dreams Collection , it was this mellow and chill island vibe that created the perfect atmosphere for Cinta Manis Founder Stine Kobberstad to develop new creativity and a fresh perspective, enabling her to broaden abstract ideas and letting them fruition into tangible, physical dreams.

During her stay, Stine discovered that the Balinese people were friendly and welcoming to all people they encountered. The Balinese community is composed of kind-hearted, spiritual, peaceful people who value love, peace, and freedom. After these memorable experiences, Stine decided to incorporate all of her beautiful memories of the Bali Island Life into her new Designer Label. Stine believes that one can often just feel the presence of these qualities just by breathing in the fresh Balinese ocean air and wishes to share a taste and glimpse of Bali through her exclusive Cinta Manis Fashion Collections.

Island Traveling Lifestyle

Image by traveling agency Gets Ready


1. Feeling a sense of Community

Both Indonesians and foreigners alike immediately feel a special familial bond to the Balinese people upon arrival on the island– the type of warm feelings associated with social bonding derived of a close connection and feeling like one truly belongs there.
Even though you might live thousands of miles or several continents away from Bali, you will absolutely feel adored and loved just as you would feel like if you were in your own hometown and in your own community! The Balinese locals are all-inclusive people and treat all foreign visitors as if they were members of their own community. In fact, all kinds of visitors from students to business professionals feel as if Bali is their “second family” or “second hometown” as a result of this loving vibe from the Balinese people. During any season of the year, Bali routinely welcomes back tons of expats that keep returning back year after year.

2. Awesome work-life balance

Work.Play.Relax.Repeat. The fresh air and mellow atmosphere in Bali produces the perfect combination of work and ambition, and fun and relaxation. This type of atmosphere maximizes a person’s productivity tremendously and is balanced so well with lots of fun activities and relaxing leisure choices. Cinta Manis’ founder Stine remembers how she often used to sit in a cozy coffee-shop, working hard on her Macbook for a couple of hours before she concluded the day with a relaxing trip to the beach with friends or an amazingly soothing massage in the local spa.

3. Amazing tropical Island weather and atmosphere

The relaxing island vibe in Bali does not only allow for a person to maximize his or her creativity and productivity, but it also creates the perfect atmosphere for a person to cultivate and nurture themselves physically and emotionally. Bali is the must-visit destination for some much-needed personal downtime where one can reflect on one’s life, career and personal goals.

4. Cultural hotspot

Bali is a melting pot of a diverse mix of so many different cultures, ethnicities, and languages. The all-inclusive vibe everywhere you go makes it so naturally easy for meeting and getting to know people from all around the world.

5. Colourful markets everywhere

Besides beautiful beaches, you will find lots of different local markets offering locally made products. Places like Seminyak and Canggu are particularly known as places where one can go Boutique shopping for everything from handcrafted leather-goods to colorful sarong-pieces. Another famous market in Bali is the Badung marketplace. Here you
can taste flavorful Balinese food, fresh fruits and explore or buy colorful handcrafted wooden and leather-items, bags, and clothing made from Balinese locals. Pop into one of these markets to find anything from handcrafted souvenirs to elaborate sarongs and colorful fashion finds made from raw materials sourced straight from Bali.
The best part of shopping in Bali is that you will be sure to find many great bargains at excellent prices. Very often, the Balinese sellers are even open-minded for price-negotiations. Cinta Manis loves this shopping guide : Guide to Market Prices and Shopping in Bali

Bali local market
Ubud Fabrics, Gifts and Arts and Crafts

Image by travel blog The Lost Guides via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

6. Capital of new fashion labels

Besides being a meeting place for digital nomads pursuing tech-aspirations, Bali is also the birthplace where designers & artists launch new fashion labels and clothing brands. Cinta Manis is very inspired by LULU YASMINE- a clothing brand that was also born in Bali! A former model, Yasmine traveled to Bali and was so inspired by the colorful culture and island life in Bali that she launched her own clothing brand. She is now wholeheartedly devoted to her fashion label. Her experience resembles that of our own Founder Stine Kobberstad.

7. Spiritual ground

Cinta Manis loves how peaceful it is in Bali. The Balinese people, atmosphere and overall region creates a special harmony where one can simply sit down in peaceful spiritual reflection and breathe in the refreshing, salty ocean air.

8. Being surrounded by the energy from beaches, cliffs and ocean

The beautiful nature in Bali is almost unreal. In Bali, you will be infused with new energy and a clear mind like no other place. Come explore Bali and let the island renew your body, mind and soul all at the same time.

9. the amazing mix of traditional balinese customs and western culture

Whether you are sunbathing at the beach or chatting with new friends and colleagues at the local coffee shop, it is so great to witness the peaceful merging of two completely different cultures, traditions, and languages. Although Balinese traditions are so starkly different from Western culture, each one of the cultures supports, learn and inspires the other. There is something so beautiful about witnessing a cafe-au-lait-complexioned group of people share laughter and smiles with different groups of people from completely polar-opposite ends of the world.

10. Personal pampering and traditional Balinese massages on every corner

Cinta Manis believes one of the best ways to reward yourself is by booking an appointment at the local massage parlour or spa center.
With countless day spas and wellness centers all over the island, you can indulge your vacay with Thai and Balinese facial and body-massages and pamper yourself away with luxurious, natural spa treatments. The traditional massages incorporate Balinese massage techniques that will help relax stiff and tired nerves and muscles, leaving you feeling completely rejuvenated from head to toe.
Besides great massage therapy, wellness centers in Bali also offer other popular spa treatments such as Aromatherapeutic massage/skin treatments, hand-and-feet reflexology, and Ayurvedic body wraps and scrubs made from pure ingredients found in nature.

11. Adventures are only a short boat trip or flight away

Since Bali is situated between a chain of islands, there exists the possibility to travel and learn about all the other Indonesian islands. The best part? It is just a short(and super affordable) boat trip or flight away. Also for wanderlust souls eager to explore within the island itself, sightseeing trips is a great way to explore the beauty of Bali. Located in the Northern coast of the island, Lovina Beach is a major tourist attraction known for for its fun dolphin-sightseeing and relaxing boat-trip-attractions.Also, the natural scenery in Bali also includes beautiful waterfalls and beaches that will satisfy you to your heart’s content. And of course, a sightseeing trip to the spectacular Mount Batur is an experience you will never forget.

12. Healthy lifestyle inspiration

Last but not least, Bali is our central muse for everything health-related. Not only does Bali inspire Cinta Manis to keep developing our passion for an active lifestyle & fitness with all of its regular island life-activities like swimming and surfing, but the island also shares our love for healthy food. Cinta Manis loves the mildly rich spices and flavorful herbs and vegetables in Balinese cuisine. The island-cuisine consists of dishes using common ingredients like lemongrass, chilli, coriander, and cumin infused with traditional Thai and Indonesian influences. Savory broths, stews and grilled meats…we love it all. Night markets and food stalls selling healthy quick food-bites abound in the island for those late-night cravings. Some of our favorite healthy Balinese dishes are composed of savory white meat infused in a tasty marinated, bed of healthy spices.

Balinese cuisine

Image by TripCanvas

Cinta Manis has yet to experience another destination that even remotely comes close to Bali and its diverse array of deluxe spa treatments and awesome resorts that instantly put your mind to rest and infuses your body with bliss. Named the Island of the gods, the entire island of Bali will make you feel like you are in an emotional & physical paradise each second that you spend in Bali. Cinta Manis hopes we have inspired you to explore this tropical beauty either this Summer 2017 or in the near future! Now that we have shared about how this island is our special muse, we hope that our heartfelt story has piqued your curiosity and immersed you with real-life inspiration & some new wanderlust!

-With Sweet Love

Cinta Manis

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