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Bathing Suit Edition

By CintaManis

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Bathing suit season is upon us.

Bathing suit season is upon us.

This season is when women’s fashion gets stripped down to the essential.

Fashion is made for all shapes and sizes, and so are bathing suits.

All body shapes are beautiful, so our bathing suits are designed to show them off.

We have put together a list of our bathing suits to give you the skinny on style trends, suit functions and best body types for each. Here are our favorites – the hottest styles of the year for all body types:  

Low cut

Our Cinta Manis Malika One Piece a the classic cut of the plunging neckline fashion trend. This style is perfect for petites: a small bust and narrow hips. The cheeky backside accentuates your sweet bottom. It’s a daring twist on a conservative one-piece.

High rise

The Cinta Manis Ananya Bikini shows off your best beach bod. It contours and shapes your natural curves with an underwire fitting and corset lace-up front and back. The high-cut cheeky bottoms show off your best back side – a staple bottom piece for pear shaped booties.


The simple life is another fashion trend making a bathing suit statement. Our Devika Bikini is as simple as they come and tailor-made for function. Perfect for the sun-lover, it’s reversible with strappy lines that make it ideal for maximum tanning. It’s a great choice for women with an athletic build looking to show off that hard-earned strength.

Bust a move

There are a lot of gorgeous cuts out there for a bustier silhouette. Our Ananya Bikini hugs your curves, cutting the body in all the right places. The lace up details on the front and back emphasize your beautiful bust. If you want a more conservative take then our Malika One Piece provides support while keeping you boldly chic.


So grab your tanning oil and throw on your best bathing suit while the sun is hot.

-With Sweet Love

Cinta Manis

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