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Bohemian Style: Cinta Manis Can’t Get Enough Of This Latest Fashion Trend

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Summer of 2017 has just arrived, and with that comes the blossoming of the beautifully elegant and breezy bohemian fashion trend(also simply called boho or boho-chic). Embraced by famous fashion icons like Kate Moss, Mary-Kate Olsen, and Gisele Bundchen, the boho-chic style is a legendary trend that is sported by fashionistas all over the world. This latest trend is the graceful product of earthy bohemian influences meshed with free-spirited, modern hippie-edges. The boho-look essentially gives off a dreamy, wanderlust-vibe that will be springing on canvases and fashion walks this Season. In contrast to heavily urban, hip fashion trends, the boho-style is a classic fashion trend that declares a down-to-earth, relaxed, care-free vibe through its signature flowy dresses, floral prints, vintage patterns and harmonious colors. Boho means edgy but calm- vibrant but mellow- beautifully rich but innocently minimalistic. In a nutshell, the boho-trend encapsulates stylish outfits that are casual, yet classic. It is a timeless fashion trend that never goes out of style whether it’s Summer or Fall!

A taste of this season’s bohemian comeback: Italian Fashion blog A REFlNARIA introduces us to a soft, romantic boho-outfit saturated with a hint of tropical island-life vibe. Image by A REFINARIA

Whether you are soaking up the sun at the beach in Mallorca or simply enjoying a summer date with close friends and family, now is the perfect time to freshen up your wardrobe with a dose of trendy boho-style fashion inspiration:


The Boho-chic style is characterized by light, flowy garments that add an almost “dream-like” quality to your outfit. Short or knee-length tunics, dresses or shirts that are light-coloured can be paired with a black or other dark-coloured jacket or blazer for added contrast. Denim jackets and vests also work perfectly well!

Other bohemian must-haves are maxi skirts and dresses; these items add a pop of color to your outfit and look great paired with a black vest or a floral crop top. The boho-chic fashion trend is very free-range, meaning outfits can consist of anything from floral maxi-dresses to a traditional pair of casual, blue jeans finalized with a vibrant bright-colored top or cardigan with bohemian designs. Step out of your casual fashion zone and add some dashes & splashes of color to your wardrobe this Summer!

Image by @sincerelyjules
Image by @sincerelyjules via instagram

Trendy Boho-Chic Style Accessories

Whether you want to add a soft & romantic bohemian touch or an edgy, hipster-element to your outfit, The key to adding some bohemian flair can be achieved by floral headbands, adorable head wraps and beaded bracelets. While they all add an artistic, Gypsy-like fragrance to the outfit, nothing can rival a boho-babe’s best friend… her bag! As all lovers of fashion are aware of, nothing brings more joy to a woman than her luxurious collection of deluxe high-quality bags and clutches. For lovers of the boho-style, accessories can either make or totally break your look. For a boho-chick, it is her bag that is the “cherry on top.” A high-quality leather bag or clutch from Norwegian Fashion Brand Cinta Manis will make your boho-outfit look timeless any time of the day and anywhere that you go.

the angels bag

Introducing Scandinavian Fashion Brand Cinta Manis: The Sweet Love of Life Collection

You can easily and effortlessly spark up an otherwise casual everyday-look with a stylish, bohemian-influenced bag or hand-accessory. With its high-quality leather and hand-woven fabric, the Cinta Manis premium leather bags and clutches are must-have trend goodies and will perfectly complement your boho-chic outfits this Summer season and beyond. Created by Norwegian Fashion Designer Stine Kobberstad, the Cinta Manis Sweet Love of Life Collection offers unique designs made with love and handcrafted perfection.

Stop by the Cinta Manis online shop and brighten up your wardrobe with Cinta Manis’ unique design and luxe leather handbags & accessories. Feeling like you need some trendy fashion inspiration?  Come and explore European fashion trends and the essentials of the boh0 lifestyle straight from the Exclusive Cinta Manis lookbook!
 Also coming up this Summer 2017 is the New Cinta Manis Swimwear Collection, Sweet Love of Dreams. Check it out here!

As a Scandinavian fashion pioneer of the boho-trend, Cinta Manis loves the latest style inspiration found in these awesome fashion blogs:


PS by Dila

Based in the Netherlands, PS by Dila is a European fashion and lifestyle blog with a beautiful, bohemian flair. Need some quick boho-chic inspiration for these coming Summer days? Go check out PS by Dila’s awesome Pinterest board for other boho/vintage bags and purses which Cinta Manis totally adore!


As one of her 4.6M Instagram followers, Cinta Manis simply can’t get enough of this Southern California girl’s soft, tropical bohemian fashion style. While we absolutely love girls and women who love to rock edgy bohemian styles, a boho-style kissed with romantic,flirty elements and signature floral/tropical designs will always look perfectly lovely~Even more so now that Summer is already waiting for us to enjoy its sunny weather and relaxing vacation-vibes!

Boho Child

This is another boho fashion blog we are constantly inspired by! Truthful to her instagram name, the free-spirited boho child is a devout boho-babe with a super contagious, bohemian taste which will inspire you to dream big and to #StepOutsideTheBox.

~ Stay tuned for more Sweet Love and tropical wanderlust – xoxo

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