“Sweet Love of Life” – Summer Love

Our first collection:

We are proud to present our first collection, Sweet Love of Life, that was inspired by Stine’s journey throughout Europe, Australia, USA and South East Asia. The collection represents an unique design that combines amazing handwoven fabrics with top quality lamb hide. The fabric, also called sarong,is sourced from Soe, the capital of Timor, Indonesia.

After a short flight from Bali and a two hour motorbike trip up the mountains, we arrived in Soe. It is important for us that our fabrics are made by traditional methods, encompassing  joy and passion; something the local weavers certainly do. All fabric used in this collection are  handwoven in  traditional methods, and are called “sarong” in Indonesia.

Indonesia offers a large variety of “sarongs”, where each island has its own unique design and method of weaving. The sarongs from Soe are traditionally very colourful and  use two different weaving techniques; BUNA and LOTIS. When applying the BUNA techniques, the weavers embroider the handwoven fabric with different colours to create the pattern. This technique is applied when designing a simple pattern sarong and takes “only” between four to  five months to complete a sarong measuring 2×1,5 metres.LOTIS is a much more complex technique, where the weaver has to pay special attention to detail. Here they will weave the fabric and then use a special stick made from coconut palm tree to extract the coloured threads to create the fabric, before continuing with weaving. The weaver will need up to two years to complete a sarong measuring 1.5×2 metres.

When the sarongs arrived in Bali, we bring  them to our dedicated “leather man”. He helped us turn our sketches into this amazing collection of high quality handbags. All bags are made with quality in mind, and has been tested to withstand pretty much anything (the tote bags can fit a computer, iPad, or anything else you would need during the day or night).

As the collection is handmade and not produced in factories, each bag is unique, and no-one will be exactly the same.

We hope you will enjoy your Cinta Manis bag for years to come 🙂