Stine Kobberstad

Cinta Manis’ story started a few years back, when Stine looked for her perfect handbag. She was looking high and low, crisscrossing continents and countries. In Norway,  Australia, USA and Indonesia, she searched for the perfect handbag, but she could not find it. She had a crystal clear image of how the bag looked like in her head, but in reality, it did not exist.

After many years as a student in Australia, Stine’s journey continued on to Bali, where a friend from Timor gave her this amazing hand-woven sarong. It didn’t take long before the perfect handbag actualized in her mind. This was the perfect fabric and she immediately started to draw; putting her idea to paper. When the sketches were ready, she started the process of finding a skilled “leather-man”, who helped her turn the sketches into the perfect handbag. She fell in love with it instantly and brought it with her everywhere!

This wasn’t just any handbag, it was hers, and it represented everything she loved; travel, culture, design, freedom, beach, summer and sun. The bag was inspired by all of Stine’s travels, and represent her dream lifestyle; the combination of work, play and freedom.

After lots of positive feedback, she decided it was time to share her lovely handbag. The hand-woven fabric was sourced from Timor, new designs were drawn, and her first collection “Sweet Love of Life”  was born together with the Cinta Manis label.

After several years, living the island lifestyle in Bali, Stine’s creativity started flowing again, and she wanted to create something new. With tropical weather, sandy beaches and many hours spent in a bikini, she wanted to expand Cinta Manis and bring some of that tropical island vibe into the label. She wanted to create designs that could be used both on the beach, by the pool, or as a compliment to your everyday outfit, all around the world.  

This resulted in Cinta Manis’ first Swimwear Collection, “Sweet Love of Dreams”. The collection has three different designs; one bikini set for maximum tanning, one for those who want some more coverage and one amazing One-Piece design. Our goal was to create designs that every women can feel amazing in and that you can use for any occasions, not just lazy days on the beach (even though that works too)!

The name, Cinta Manis, originated from Indonesia and translates to “sweet love”. This name fits the label perfectly, as it symbolises the joy, passion and love that is put into the design and production of each product.

“Cinta Manis -> Sweet Love -> Søt Kjærlighet”