Don’t let being busy stop you from being unstoppable

By CintaManis

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We live in a world that has learned to frown on those who slow down. Selfcare falls to the wayside in pursuit of the ‘hustle.’

We work hard to appear ‘busy’ by doing mind-numbing tasks and end up being less productive.

The act of being ‘busy’ is met with praise of our had work. But when does hard work become a way to martyr yourself?

Selfcare and personal wellness are sacrificed in the name of productivity. We are conditioned to work ourselves into the ground because we believe that our work will be rewarded. But in pursuit of that, the quality of the work declines.

Being busy doesn’t necessarily mean being successful. Instead we should actively live the truth that selfcare and wellness are a reward. Selfcare and wellness are the parts of life that make it actually worth living. As musician Noel Gallagher from the band Oasis said,

“I don’t live to work, I work to live.”

Everyone can stop their busyness for ten minutes a day and engage in selfcare – whether that be in the form of reading, listening to music without distraction, meditating, exercise or even eating a special treat.

People have different ways of reconnecting to themselves, but none of them are wrong.

In a world where busy equals productive, selfcare has been rebranded as being self-indulgent, but there is nothing self-indulgent about being healthy.

When we make our wellness a priority, we open up doors to being unstoppable. When we find the power within to treat ourselves with respect, the world sees that power and respects it too.

That power makes us unstoppable.

When you aren’t burning yourself, trying to be everything to everyone, you have the capacity to reach barriers you didn’t know were even there.

And break them down.

Cinta Manis believes in wellness as a priority and the power unlocked when you allow yourself selfcare.

-With Sweet Love

Cinta Manis

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