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Every Body is Beautiful: How to find your perfect bikini

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Every body is beautiful. Every body is a “bikini body” if you wear a bikini.

In today’s world we’re bombarded with images of what “perfect” looks like. We at Cinta Manis want to inspire you to look past society’s pressures and stand up for yourself, love yourself and be comfortable in your own skin.

Your body at its best

Everyone is different. Whether you’d like to accentuate certain body parts, cover others up or whether you’re totally confident on the beach, you’re worthy of enjoying yourself without the worry. We love spending time at the beach, because it’s good for the soul and apparently also good for your skin, immune system and mental health. Skip the fad dieting and the stress and instead just invest in a fabulous swimsuit!

We’ve been inspired by our friends at A Bikini A Day, Popsugar and Glamour, and we want to show you how to make the most of your body shape so that you can look and feel like the queen you are next summer.

Pear shape

If your hips are curvy and your torso is petite, this body shape describes you. We encourage you to go for a daring, detailed or plunging top that will have tongues wagging. Something like our Ananya bikini top is perfect with its bow detail on the chest.

A small bikini bottom also looks great on you, because you don’t need excessive amounts of material to cover up; all that does is making you appear bigger than you are.

Large bust

Some of you might feel uncomfortable showing off your great cleavage, whereas others might love to flaunt it. We’ve got something for all of you! One thing you all have in common is that you need adequate support because no-one likes a painful, bouncing chest when they walk or run on the beach.

Look for something with underwire, wider straps or even a one-piece with a tight fit over the bust to make sure your chest is comfortable and supported. Cinta Manis’ Malika one-piece is perfect for this – it’s supportive and daringly sexy at the same time.


Count yourself lucky if you’ve got an athletic body; fit and strong equals healthy! Some athletic-shaped women feel they don’t look feminine enough and search to hide their muscles. But we say, embrace them and show off all the hard work you’ve put into sculpting your body. Also, the idea of femininity is a social construct and you don’t need to buy into any of that.

A classic triangle bikini top complements this body type, as well as a top with frills or tassels. Our Devika bikini is a lovely triangle shape and the best part is, it’s reversible. That means you get two bikinis for the price of one, and you can change color depending on your mood. It also has very thin straps, making it the perfect tanning bikini.


They say dynamite comes in small packages! You should flaunt your bodies on the beach next summer and the good news is, basically any style works for you.

Cinta Manis’ Devika bikini bottom is perfect to show off your buns and get a great tan. The flattering centre ruche creates shape and accentuates the curves of your derriere. You can also get it in a reversible pattern, meaning you can change colors from one day to the next! Boob tubes and triangle tops also tend to look great on you and accentuate your features.


If you’re curvy and proud, you probably can’t wait to spend your summer on the beach and catch those rays. The important thing to remember is to be comfortable and feel sexy in your skin.

Detailed tops with bows or prints can look great on you – like our Ananya bikini top with lace-up detail. You could also opt for a bikini bottom with lace-up detail on the sides, which will cut you in all the right places. Otherwise, a classy one-piece with a plunging neckline is the perfect amount of seductive while still being comfortable and supportive, like our Malika swimsuit.

Whatever your body shape, there is a swimsuit out there for you. Stop stressing about summer  and creating unrealistic expectations for yourself and your body. Rather be inspired by your own beauty and find a swimsuit to flatter your shape.

Shop online at Cinta Manis for our gorgeous and fashionable swimsuits. You’ll be sure to find your happiness there.

-With Sweet Love

Cinta Manis

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2 Thoughts to Every Body is Beautiful: How to find your perfect bikini

  1. Swimwear 21. February 2018 at 07:54

    Love your article! I just recently started wearing bikini. I always wanted the perfect that fit properly. This article is very helpful to find best bikini. Thanks a lot for the great article.

    • CintaManis 21. February 2018 at 14:01

      Thank you and I’m so happy our article was helpful 🙂 Check out our online shop for the perfect bikini for summer, and let me know if you have any questions about fit or size 🙂 xxx