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How exercise can help you beat the winter blues

By CintaManis

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During winter we all love to cosy up on the couch, sleep late and enjoy comfort food. But did you know that winter blues can hit when you don’t get moving?

We get it. The last thing you feel like doing when it’s rainy, grey or, heaven forbid, SNOWING outside is to go for a run. But you can easily fall into an unhealthy routine of staying inside and this can affect your physical as well as your mental health. We at Cinta Manis are going to try our best to keep our fitness motivation up this winter, and we invite you to groan and moan your way through it with us!

Set goals for yourself

If you create a schedule for your exercise, you will be less likely to skip on it. It’s psychological. Say to yourself on a Sunday, “I will run twice this week.” or “I will attend three yoga classes this week.” That way, when you are considering giving your winter workout a miss, you’ll think back to Sunday’s hopeful, motivated spirit you had and feel obliged to go.

Get the right kit

Who doesn’t love shopping? Save some money and treat yourself to a new set of workout clothes fit for winter, or put it on your Christmas list for your family and friends. If you’ve got great new exercise clothes, you’ll also be more motivated to actually work out! It also helps if you get clothes in lovely, happy, bright colours. Winter is grey enough, so put a smile on your face with pink and yellow outfits.

Set the mood

Mood is important when it comes to fitness because your endorphins are affected. You need all the feel-good hormones you can get in winter because there is already no sun and no ice cream! You can create the mood by turning on the heating in your bedroom, so when you wake up in the morning, it isn’t so cold and that way you’ll get out of bed more easily. A friend can also help lift your mood during your winter fitness challenges, so find someone to exercise with who will be your accountability buddy.

Technology can also play an important role in keeping you motivated and raising your spirits. If you have an app on your cellphone or a watch that counts your steps and calories, you’ll feel such a sense of reward and pride at the end of your workout when you’ve reached your goals.

Change it up

If you are a runner, you could easily use rain as an excuse not to work out during winter. But there are so many other forms of exercise that exist, you’d be missing out if you don’t try something new. Why not take up yoga, zumba or spinning classes? You could also try swimming laps in an indoor pool, running on a treadmill and doing circuit or weight training. You won’t even know how cold it is outside and you’ll beat the winter blues right away.

Be kind to yourself

Of course you shouldn’t push yourself when you’re not feeling well or really not in the mood. Rest is important, too, and in winter one tends to get sick more easily, so especially don’t work out when you’re suffering from a cold. Treat yourself in between workouts to good sleep, good food and nights in front of the fire.

When you exercise, your endorphin levels go up and you feel better – about work, about your body, and you have more energy and better skin. Don’t forget about working out in winter just because it’s cold. It’s so easy to combat the winter blues when you feel great about your body and when you set and achieve goals, no matter how small.

-With Sweet Love

Cinta Manis

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