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Free Your Sophisticated Style

By CintaManis

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Summer women’s fashion is about keeping it classy when the weather heats up.

And the gypsy heart come alive with summer fashion.

Cinta Manis has put together a list of ways to perfectly blend that summer freedom with a hint of sophistication.  

Sophistication is more than an Audrey Hepburn cat-eye or a slick pencil skirt in pumps. Sophisticated style is about how you carry yourself. It is about working your own personality and your own body type into the style. It’s about rocking who you are in the classiest way possible.

Follow Cinta Manis tips to free your personal sophisticated style this season:
1. Fabrics that last 

Shop for those materials that will endure the test of time. Good clothes will last for years and materials that feel good on the skin can give you the confidence you need to walk like the boss you are.

2. Fit for you 

We aren’t talking about getting everything tailored. But clothes that hang right on your body type are not only more comfortable, but make you shine with confidence. That’s when you know that by wearing the clothes, you are really doing them (the clothes) a favor. It’s all about the comfort and quality.

3. Less is more 

When it comes to sophistication, you can slay with simple and statement pieces. Don’t over-do it with accessories, colors or layers. Keep you outfit with simple, instead of reaching for more, more, more.

4. Devil in the details 

Sophistication is not always about standing out. Keep your nails, hair and make-up neat and clean. The details of a look can soften the edges or show them you mean business. Either way, it shows that you put your look together with purpose.

5. Keep your personal touch 

Don’t let any of these tips stop you from compromising your personal style. No matter what look you are going after, don’t compromise your gypsy spirit.  


This summer, free your sophisticated boho style and show the world who you are.

-With Sweet Love

Cinta Manis

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