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Confidence! Yes, oozing confidence is the key to all beach fashion.

The beach is a place where we get to be authentic, genuine and truly embrace mother nature. However, it’s hard to experience those feelings if we are not in a confident frame of mind.

Before you plan any beach outfits or pack your bag for a day at the beach, take a look in the mirror and be proud of what you see, who you are, and the fact that you are giving yourself some much-deserved beach TLC.

Let’s get beachy from head to toe


Your hair is a great way to accentuate any outfit, and the name of the game at the beach is playfulness.

Let your hair be loose, free and wild – of course, for most of us; there needs to be some degree of preparation to get it to that point. bumble and bumble have a great surf spray that you can spray onto your hair wet, to give it those mermaid waves without using any hot tools.

If you don’t have access to products, not to worry, a natural texturizer is salt water…how perfect!? Once the salt water dries on your hair, it becomes easier to texturize, add a bit of baby powder to the roots and say hello to volume and waves.


Every good day at the beach starts with a good sunscreen, and that doesn’t stop at your face. Before you head to the beach, nourish your skin with a moisturizing SPF. For face, we like to use a BB cream to avoid any heavy foundations in the heat. There are a variety of BB Creams that include 30+ SPF.

Using a bronzer and a highlighter can jumpstart your face tan. For a more dewy glow, we suggest using a cream based highlighter and bronzer. bareMinerals have some great faux tan products that illuminate the skin.

If you are planning to enjoy all the elements at the beach (as we suggest you do!) keep it light. There is no joy in having mascara running down your face, no matter how good it looked in the morning. Plan ahead and celebrate being you!


To fuel your rockstar confidence needs to be the perfect piece of swimwear. Whether it’s a one piece or a tiny bikini, it should make you feel like a celebrity.

Confidence and the beautiful natural shape of the woman’s body was a big inspiration for our Sweet Love of Dreams swimwear collection and why so many of our customers emit these qualities when wearing our pieces.

Depending on what you are doing at the beach, you will most likely need more than something to swim in. However, we find that swimwear magic works a bit like lingerie, just knowing that you’re wearing something special makes you feel more confident and sexy, even if you don’t show it off.  

There are many styles at the beach that you can rock; our personal favorite is a pair of jean shorts (we like oneteaspoon), paired with a solid white tank top, to enhance the tan. We’ve worn this simple outfit in beaches all over the world, and it continues to prove its worthiness this summer on Norway beaches.

Accessories are a perfect compliment the beach vibe style. Bangles, bracelets, anklets, layered necklaces, rings, sunglasses and wide brim hats are among some of my favorite. Most of my jewelry pieces I don’t take off all year long, and are an eclectic collection of my travels. If you’re looking for some unique pieces check out Etsy for amazing one of a kind jewelry.

Of course, every beach goer needs a trusted bag. Something that is fun, colorful and speaks to your personality. It’s said that a woman’s handbag is her most trusted ally. Travel, experience, and love were all big players in creating the Cinta Manis Sweet Love of Life handbag collection, and as I have tested it a few (or many) times at the beach, I can assure you it’s the perfect day bag size.

Lastly, that brings us to shoes, or lack there off. The best part about the beach is getting your toes into the sand and letting the healing powers of mother nature ground and relax you. Some people call this process ‘earthing,’ and it has some surprising health benefits. In getting to the beach, we like the tried and trusted Havaianas for any occasion.

What’s your beach style?

Confidence can manifest in a lot of different ways and is the true ingredient to giving you that healthy glow. So, go outside, soak up the sun and smile, because today is your day to be radiating.

Life is better at the beach

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