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Get your space ready for the cosiest fall yet

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We at Cinta Manis absolutely live for summer and are always sad to see it go, but we’ve got to admit that there’s something incredibly special about the colder days that ends up warming our heart…

With falling leaves and misty mornings heading our way, the time has come to switch over to our red-hot fall wardrobes and our go-to comfort food recipes. But we love harmony and strive for it in everything we do, so naturally the next step is to cosy up our spaces for the winter months.

Whether it be your home or your office, it’s important that you feel at peace in the places you spend the most of your time. Not everyone is a born interior decorator, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be on-trend this fall. That’s why we’ve taken inspiration from interior experts, Country Living, for the best ways to jazz up your space in preparation for autumn.



Throw blankets and soft pillows immediately give you a snug, comfy feeling. You can scatter them on the couch, in the windowsill or in front of the fire. The inviting atmosphere will make you want to open a good book and settle in.

Tablecloths are a small detail that make a big difference. If you have open wooden tables during summer, try setting the table with linen tablecloths or any other thick fabric. This fall trend will make your dinners feel more cosy than ever.


We already know that red is the season’s hot colour coming straight off runways. You can incorporate the warm hues into your bedroom or living room as well by adding a pop of colour in strategic places. A red pillow, blanket or flowers can add a snug feeling to your space.

You can also transform your bedroom by investing in a red-toned blanket or throw. Layered bedding might take a little more time to neaten up in the morning, but it’s so worth it when you get home and your cosy bed looks more inviting than usual.

DIY Projects

You don’t always have to spend a fortune to transform your interior trends. This fall, buy a simple pumpkin and instead of carving it to scare neighborhood kids, use it as a centerpiece. You can take out all the seeds and hollow it out, then add water and your favorite bunch of flowers for a fall-themed flower vase to display on your dining-room table.

Another tip that may seem simple but is an absolute must-have for fall – a fireplace. There is nothing quite like a warm chimney with wood stacked alongside to put you in the mood for fall. Get ready to drink copious mugs of hot chocolate in front of the fire with your family and friends.


Stock up

During the work day, most people need any help they can to feel at home in their office. If you’re able to, install a kettle and stock up on mugs and aromatic tea and coffee. That way, at any moment during the day when it looks cold outside, you can make yourself a warm beverage and it will boost your spirits.

Another great incentive to keep in your office is a jar of treats on your desk. A jar of cinnamon or chocolate-chip cookies is perfect for fall.

Set the mood

Good lighting in your office is important at any time of the year, but especially in fall because there is much less sunlight. Make sure your desk lamp and main light cast a warm light and ambience across your space.

Fall trends in the home and the office can be easy to incorporate into your personal space. You can visit your nearest interior shop or even make some of them yourself.

The most important thing to remember is that your mood and your overall mental state are affected by the space your spend time in.

If you feel comfortable, cosy and happy during your day at the office or when you’re at home, you’re all set for a pleasant autumn season.

-With Sweet Love

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