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Get the Look: Spring Fashion 2018

By CintaManis

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Spring fashion is upon us. As the flowers peep up through the ground, so does spring fashion for 2018.

This season is bringing back the boho chic of the 80s with a twist of modern creativity. Vegan leather, sustainable plastics and local businesses are the order of the day.

Cinta Manis has put together a list of some fresh fashion tips for this spring, to keep you looking as bright as the daffodils.

1. Lavender 

Perhaps the freshest thing to make an appearance in the fashion world this spring is the color Lavender. Everyone from Victoria Beckham to Armani is in on the come-back of this traditionally frumpy color. Hop over to Nasty Gal to pick yourself up some pastel purple.

2. Rain jackets 

The anorak is also making a come-back. In all kinds of cuts and colors, Oscar de la Renta and Calvin Klein are among those showing off their take on the rain jacket. Hunter has a function-and-fashion rain jacket that fits the bill.

3. Sheer 

Sheer looks are another hot topic on the runway. Christian Dior and Miu Miu are showing a little bit of skin with their sheer designs this spring. Visit Cleobella to get some sheer boho fashion for this season.

4. Bum bags 

Back in style is the infamous fanny pack. The 80s wouldn’t have been complete without them and now Gucci and House of Holland are some of the designers bringing them back. If that’s not your rhythm, get one of our Cinta Manis bags to complete any fresh spring look and support the locals who work on our bags in Bali.

5. Fringe 

What’s usually just for boho festival fashion, has returned to the red carpet. Vionnet and Bottega Veneta are some of the designers boasting fringe-y fashion. For a fringe game that’s strong visit Mahiya leather and pick up your statement piece for the season.

It looks like it’s going to be a season of fun, with fabrics and colors that pop, twirl and dance in the spring air.

-With Sweet Love

Cinta Manis

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