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Summer Loving: How to soak up the sun and stay safe

By CintaManis

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The summer sun showers magic vitamin D down on us but it can also bring harmful rays.

That’s where only the best organic sunscreen can save the day.

Cinta Manis wants to share our favorite way to save your skin without missing out on the glow of the sun.

Our trick to hydration and bronze beauty is the Australian brand Bali Body.

Bali Body offers a wide range of products – from oils to BB creams loaded with SPF to protect your radiant skin.

For porcelain skin try their Moisturizing Sunscreen.

Want to keep those lips sun-kissed and smooth? Try their Coconut Lip Balm.

Juicy plump moisture for your body? Try their Watermelon Tanning Oil, enriched with watermelon seed oil and Pineapple Tanning Oil, powered by pineapple extract and coconut oil for firming and toning skin.

For a touch-up before an evening under the stars, try their BB Cream.

And that’s just their best sellers.

If you need a little inspiration drop over to their sun-kissed Instagram feed or get buried in their blog.

Bali Body is one of a list of several beauty lines coming out of the land down under. Australia’s beauty brands are custom made for the summer sunshine, so don’t be afraid to experiment with their organic, vegan and local brands. They are born from and made for the sun’s rays.

UK based beauty aficionados at Byrdie have put together a list of summer loving Australia care products. They range from hair masks to nail colors and everything in between. Everything we need to shine this summer.


Happy sunshine!

-With Sweet Love

Cinta Manis

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