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Ananya Bikini Set Clay

Bathing Suit Edition

Bathing suit season is upon us. Bathing suit season is upon us. This season is when women’s fashion gets stripped down to the essential. Fashion is made for all shapes and sizes, and so are bathing suits. All body shapes are beautiful, so our bathing suits are designed to show them off. We have put [...]
Ananya Bikini set

Every Body is Beautiful: How to find your perfect bikini

Every body is beautiful. Every body is a “bikini body” if you wear a bikini. In today’s world we’re bombarded with images of what “perfect” looks like. We at Cinta Manis want to inspire you to look past society’s pressures and stand up for yourself, love yourself and be comfortable in your own skin. Your body [...]
Beach fashion - Cinta Manis handbag

Get the look: Beach Fashion

Confidence! Yes, oozing confidence is the key to all beach fashion. The beach is a place where we get to be authentic, genuine and truly embrace mother nature. However, it’s hard to experience those feelings if we are not in a confident frame of mind. Before you plan any beach outfits or pack your bag [...]
Behind the scenes Photoshoot Swimwear

Introducing the Sweet Love of Dreams Collection

As Walt Disney once said, "A dream is a wish, that your heart makes." It's not a deliberate decision, it's just something that appears in your unconscious mind, and as hard as you try, can't be forgotten by your conscious mins. For me, that dream was the Cinta Manis swimwear line. Cinta Manis is my [...]
Bohemian Fashion Trend

Bohemian Style: Cinta Manis Can’t Get Enough Of This Latest Fashion Trend

Summer of 2017 has just arrived, and with that comes the blossoming of the beautifully elegant and breezy bohemian fashion trend(also simply called boho or boho-chic). Embraced by famous fashion icons like Kate Moss, Mary-Kate Olsen, and Gisele Bundchen, the boho-chic style is a legendary trend that is sported by fashionistas all over the world. [...]