Running on the beach rejuvenates your senses

The Perfect Morning Routine to Kickstart Your Summer

By CintaManis

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The Summer heat can make most people feeling sleepy & tired because of the loss of hydration humidity can cause. Whether you are spending the rest of your summer relaxing and lounging with friends & family or working on your job or doing personal projects non-stop, we got you covered. Here is a list  of Cinta Manis’ most favorite  health and lifestyle tips to kickstart your morning routine:

1. Drink a glass of lemon water right after you wake up

Healthy lemon water

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The benefits of lemon water are endless: they give you an instant energy boost and help detoxify toxins from your skin and body. Lemon water is so easy and quick to make and easily fits into any busy person’s morning schedule. Packed with powerful citrus antioxidants and Vitamin C, lemon water has been proven to aid the liver by producing more bile, thereby flushing out toxins as a great digestion-stimulant.  Lemon water is a powerhouse for Vitamin C and carries its ability to complete rejuvenate the collagen-matrix in your skin and other body-tissues, making your skin vibrant and healthy from the inside out. The flavonoids and Vitamin C work in synergistic power to fight oxidative damage and therefore acts as a strong anti-inflammatory. Start to boost your mind, skin, and immune system with a glass of lemon water each morning and see how clear and refreshed you will feel.

2. Essential Meal of the Day: Start your day with a healthy , delicious breakfast

Delicious Nalu bowl in Bali and Cinta Manis Clutch

Start your morning with a healthy and yummy smoothie bowl. Our favorite smoothie bowl is the highly nutritious & tasty Pipeline Nalu bowl with creamy bananas and fresh blueberries all sprinkled with some light, crunchy granola.

After waking up from a long night’s sleep, one of the most important elements of your morning routine is to have a good solid breakfast that will replenish your body with new energy for the rest of the day. Having a healthy breakfast first thing in the morning boosts your cognitive functions, meaning you will supply your brain with the essential macronutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs to function at a more optimal state. Since it’s the most important meal of the day, it’s vital what you choose to have for breakfast. Cinta Manis loves smoothie bowls as they are packed with vitamins and antioxidants that will nourish your body & instantly boost your energy. Smoothie bowls are super-convenient, easy & hassle-free:

  • You start with a base:  you can make a fruity base composed of blended frozen berries or a creamy base made up of blended avocados and bananas or a mixture of the two. Add some coconut or almond milk if you prefer thin purees.
  • Add toppings of your choice: after you have made your base, add a mix  of different bite-sized fruits, seeds, coconut flakes and granola-bites for that added crunch. A smoothie bowl is the perfect breakfast as it’s packed full of powerful antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids that will provide your body with all the nutrients it needs and boost your energy-level immediately. Just one smoothie bowl contains so many healthy antioxidants, Vitamin A,B,C, and E (from all those berries & fruits)  and organic nutrients that will completely satisfy your tastebuds and nurture your body from the inside out.

3. Smoothies & Infused Water- Healthy Morning Elixirs

If you are not a fan of tangy citrus drinks, smoothies and fruit-infused water is a delicious health trend and can be a great addition to your morning routine. Packed with flavorful antioxidants and a ton of anti-inflammatory vitamins and minerals that will heal and strengthen your body, smoothies are a super-efficient and healthy way to start your day with. Smoothies can range from vibrantly green kale shakes to fruity, rich blends of all kinds of colorful berries, apples, and tropical fruits. One of our most favorite smoothies we enjoy on summer mornings is the blueberry smoothie. Simply pop a cup of of frozen blueberries into a blender, add a tablespoon of sweet yogurt, add half a banana into the mix and a cup of water or whole milk (you can also use plain water if you are allergic to dairy). Starting your morning with this purple-colored goodness instantly energizes you and wakes your body up. It’s also a great pre-workout drink that will give you the needed fuel you need for your morning exercise-routine.

Blueberry smoothie

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4. Our Favorite Drink : Fresh Young Coconut

Coconut water

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Cinta Manis loves drinking fresh young coconuts! Young coconuts have a refreshing & distinctively sweet coconut taste that is nutritious for your body. It contains multiple health benefits such as :

  • Contains high electrolyte-content that hydrates your body and restores your muscles and nerve flexibility. It is also great as a restorative post-workout drink
  • High potassium helps maintain healthy blood pressure
  • Supports heart health
  • Awesome for boosting energy

5. Being mindful is the key to balance

With so many responsibilities at home, work and school, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed. Instead of starting your day off with attending to that new flood of unopened work-emails in your inbox, simply sit down in a quiet place and have a moment of silence. Breathe in and reflect on all the positive events, relationships and situations you have experienced in your life. When you start your morning off by taking a few minutes to be mindful, you are clearing your mind and taking charge of your emotions. Instead of letting stressful emotions control your day, you are taking control over them and preparing for a day full of success and contentment! The key to a healthy lifestyle comes from being grateful for all the blessings you already have and will experience in the near future! Never forget- Gratitude is the best attitude.

6. Fitness routine : brisk morning jogs

Running on the beach rejuvenates your senses

Taking a brisk 10-20min morning jog is another great way to kickstart your mornings. Running releases feel-good endorphins in your body that will give you mental clarity and a fresh perspective before you start your daily list of to-dos and priorities. Exercise tones your muscles and strengthens your bones. A healthy lifestyle is established by a consistent fitness-routine.

Recent studies from the University of Minnesota and the University of Eastern Finland also confirmed the notion that exercise also offer immediate and long-term mental benefits. Having a consistent fitness-routine in the morning will keep both your body and mind in an optimal state and is an excellent “mental break”.

We LOVE to start our mornings on the beach!

The feel of the ocean breeze on our skin, the salty taste of fresh ocean air, and the tickling, light sand between our toes.

-With Sweet Love,

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    ya me too! i think its amazing and ive tried to follow it. pls tell me some ways to wake up earlier than 9 am and be more productive




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