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Top Ten Fashion Blogs We Love to Love

By CintaManis

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We’ve put together a list of our top 10 favorite fashion blogs that create beautiful, artful fashion.

Cinta Manis is about more than just what you wear. It’s about using what you wear and the way you live to inspire, the way Stine  was when she discovered Bali.

As a result, Cinta Manis is all about fashion that works with local craftsmen, treasures travel, prioritizes sustainability and promotes clean living

Here are our top ten fashion blogs you should be following.

The first few fashion blogs call Bali home, just like Cinta Manis:


Cleobella blog follows the Bella tribe – Angela, Jim and their two children. The Bali-based brand works with local artisans to create travel-friendly fashion for the wanderlusters of the world. They celebrate their #bellabeautytribe and travel globally to showcase their unique style with photoshoots in Cuba, Morocco, and many more.

We Like Bali

This travel and fashion blog is the passion project of Dutch/Indonesian pair Pris and EveThe girls fell in love with Bali in 2009 and created the “Welike Bali” brand. They created the ultimate Bali Island life travel guide and the “Take me to Bali” collection. They adventure, work with local businesses in addition to having a swoon-worthy, sunkissed Instagram. 


Mahiya is the fashion brand and brainchild of Alex and Ryan Hutchinson. It began as bohemian luxe leather bags and wallets, and have since expanded to women’s fashion – suede jackets, boho dresses and jewelry.  Their sustainable leather treasures are handcrafted by local Bali artisans and tell the story of their many travels around the world.


The next three fashion blogs are travel-minded bloggers:


This bilingual blog stands out in German and in English. Debi and her partner Kev travel all over the world, sharing their experiences of culture, fashion and food. In addition to modeling some gorgeous photos, she shares her personal fashion tips and talks about being vegan in different countries.

Tree of Life Blog

For boho princesses of travel, the Tree Blog takes the Tree of Life fashion brand around the world through photoshoots in places like Nicaragua, Bali, Casablanca, India and others. It pairs flowing bohemian fashion with clean living recipes and lifestyle. A blog for daydreamers and world-wanderers.

Ibiza Boho Girl

Yvon is a Dutch-born free spirit who loves to travel. Her bohemian style takes her around the globe, everywhere from Copenhagen to California. She’s all about living that colorful lifestyle complete with décor and lifestyle tips that compliment her flowing, floral fashion.  


The last few fashion blogs are about using fashion to change the industry:

The Daily Feed

The Daily Feed is the blog of fashion company FEED. FEED makes bags, jewelry and clothes, using the profits to provide lunches in malnourished communities in Cambodia, Chad, Kenya and others. The blog promotes fashion that gives back and follows founder Lauren Bush’s globetrotting.

Scissors and Gold

Another inspirational blog about giving back, Scissors and Gold is a fashion, food and travel blog connected to the company Sudara. Sudara created boho lounging pants, aka Punjammies, created by women from high-risk areas for sex trafficking in India. Their brand is all about empowering women through fashion.

Sustainably Chic

Sustainably Chic is a fashion blog that gets people informed about their style. Creator Natalie uses her background in women’s fashion to find everything from jewelry to handbags, from clothes and shoes to swimwear that promote a sustainable lifestyle. She’s brought together brands that care about their impact on the environment and the community.

Maya Gypsy

Maya Gypsy follows husband and wife Adriana and Luke, combining their bohemian fashion and their love of photography. Adriana works with Gualemalan artisans to sell vibrant bags, while giving the artists a fair-trade work environment. Maya Gypsy also gives five percent back to AMBI, a nonprofit that helps at-risk kids in her native Guatemala.


If you’re looking for fashion tips or maybe just inspiration in the dead of winter, follow these boho mavens and their fashion-driven dreams to make the world a sweeter place.

-With Sweet Love

Cinta Manis

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