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Travel Blogs You Have To Follow

By CintaManis

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There is an incredible community of bohemian travel bloggers out there.

They nomad across the globe and share their stories – the good and the bad.

Cinta Manis is inspired by their faith in the unknown of travel as well as embracing their boho spirits.

We’ve listed a few of the many, many (MANY) travel blogs out there to get you started.

But be warned: once you start reading, you’ll only stop to start planning your next holiday.

Travel Blogs you have to follow:

1. Hippie in Heels 

Rachel left a nursing career to travel and fell in love with the life of a bohemian nomad. She is now based in Goa, India and writes some of the most optimistic, upbeat posts. A go-getter and supportive of her fellow community of travel bloggers, her strength is writing lists and tips for the rest of us, especially with her Ask Me Anything series

2. This American Girl 

Camille is another American who left her mundane normal in pursuit of the unknown. She has since landed in Costa Rica, where she regularly leads yoga retreats and her designer heart flourishes. Her gypsy motto is centered around freedom. Freedom to break away and find your own sense of the word. She’s got great tips for those freefalling into the unknown – like her detailed way of staying on budget.

3. Nomadic Matt 

Matt does things a little bit differently. His website doesn’t feature any sponsorships, everything he puts up there he pays for himself. He also only talks about brands that he really uses, that he really knows the quality of. He’s an unconventional traveler because he didn’t catch the wanderlust bug until a little bit later in life. But he came home, quit his cubicle job and now travels the world as a New York Times best-selling author. He’s got some incredible pieces, like “Everyone Says I’m Running Away”

4. Heart of a Vagabond 

Yara didn’t sell all her stuff or quit a boring 9-5 job to start travelling, she simply left home at 18 and just never stopped walking. Yara’s blog focuses on travel for vegans/vegetarians and ways of travelling that are ecologically friendly. She’s an incredibly honest writer, as you can see from her blog post about how the nomadic life may not work forever for her.

5. A Dangerous Business 

The travel story of Amanda. Unlike most travel bloggers, Amanda never gave up her job or left home. She still works full-time and lives close to all her loved ones. She’s just a girl who loves to travel and since 2005 she’s visited over 50 countries doing just that. Amanda’s blog is especially strong with content for solo female travelling/travelling alone in general.


So grab your Cinta Manis bag and start stuffing it with clothes for your next boho adventure.

-With Sweet Love

Cinta Manis

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