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Travel Diary: Wanderlust in Bali and a Newfound Love of Lombok

By CintaManis

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Travelling gives us a sense of wonder.

One of the things Cina Manis cares about most is travelling to keep you curious. When you experience a new place you open yourself up to new possibilities.

That was what Cinta Manis discovered in Kuta Lombok.

I just touched back down in Oslo after travelling for a few glorious weeks in Indonesia.

I arrived in Bali just in time for New Years! Being the rainy season, it could have been a little difficult to get sun, but I got lucky and it only rained in the afternoons. Other than that, the sun was out and so was I. 

The days in Bali were spent on reconnecting and rejuvenation. I pampered myself with a trip to the nail salon ON NAIL, the hair salon LUXE HAIR and getting massages every other day. Unbelievably, they are only about 70,000 IDR or about 5 USD in Bali!

Ringing in the new year was a lot of fun in Bali. They couldn’t wait for midnight, so the fireworks began as soon as the sun went down and went on for two days. Tourism had been down on the island since the volcano started acting up in November. The holidays brought people back to Bali – locals, expats and tourists all together celebrating the new year.

The highlight of this trip was definitely visiting Kuta Lombok for the first time. Lombok has lots of jungle and amazing beaches perfect for swimming and surfing.

The reason I travelled there was because a friend of mine recently opened a Health Café in Kuta Lombok called LOKA LOMBOK with a Cross Fit/Muay Thai gym in the back and some guest rooms for rent. It was a great place to train and explore a new part of Indonesia.

I felt so at home here in Kuta Lombok, since it feels like the undiscovered Bali of the 1980s. The beaches and jungle aren’t packed yet and with niche, hip restaurants popping up, Kuta Lombok is the up and coming place to be.

My dream is to build a small boutique in Kuta Lombok. It’s nothing like the shopping experience in Bali and while the island is already full of sweet love and good vibes, I’m sure they could use some Cinta Manis.

It was another short trip to my inspiration and my paradise but it satisfies the travel bug for now.

Hopefully, you have some new places to see when next you need the sun of paradise. Head to Indonesia for a visit and give yourself the pamper and peace of Bali and Lombok.

-With Sweet Love

Cinta Manis

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