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Winter’s Most Wearable Trends: Fashion For Everyone

By CintaManis

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Have you ever flipped through a magazine and thought, “How on earth am I supposed to pull off an outfit like that?” Well, you’re not alone. We at Cinta Manis believe that fashion should be accessible for everyone. everyone should be able to take inspiration from runways and put their personal style stamp on it.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the most wearable fashion trends for this winter. We want every girl and woman to feel not only comfortable, but stylish and trendy at the same time. We’ve taken inspiration from some of our favourite trendsetters, Vogue and WhoWhatWear.

We’ve chosen the trends you can wear to Christmas dinner, to a New Year’s party and out on the town with your friends. If you invest in a few quality, basic winter items you can add stylish accessories to personalize your outfit. A capsule wardrobe has all the great necessities to which you add your favourites from each season.


This is a great winter trend because it’s so versatile. Invest in a pair of striking, silver ankle boots or a metallic puffy jacket. Silver, gold and rose gold eyeshadow is another way to add a touch of glitter to your look. You only need one item to make your outfit pop.

Boho chic

We personally love this style and find a lot of inspiration during our travels for our boho chic handbag range and swimwear collections. This winter, the nature-inspired look is everywhere. Think fringed jackets, leather bags and knitted or crocheted jerseys. It’s the perfect mix between cute and casual.


The quilted look is in this winter and we love it. It’s warm and comfortable, which is exactly what we expect from winter fashion! Think big coats that are thick and long, almost like a duvet, with a quilted stitch. You only need to invest in one and it will serve as outerwear all winter. The quilted coat is versatile – mix it up with a sleek evening dress and heels or some comfortable jeans and a classic white shirt.


In our opinion, cosy knitwear should be in the look of every winter because it’s so comfortable and cuddly! You can buy two or three oversized, chunky knits this winter in the form of scarves or jerseys. Soft, pastel colours go perfectly with jeans or leggings and leather boots.

Winter blues

Blue is the colour of the season, but not just any blue. We’re talking about turquoise and dove blue, like they wore in the 70’s. A cashmere jumper, a felt hat or a pleather jacket can all be found in a head-turning blue. Spice up the usual grey and black tones of the season and add a pop of colour with 2017’s brightest winter trend.

Sweet skirts

Winter doesn’t have to mean only trousers and leggings… Sweet, flowy skirts are making a comeback in 2017 paired with tights and boots. Whether you prefer pleated, chiffon, transparent or patterned, there’s a skirt for you. This look is great teamed with a soft jumper or a touch of metallic for a punk-fairy look.

Twinkle toes

Beautiful shoes are timeless, but this winter they’re a stye must. Ankle boots with metallic constellation prints or heels with diamanté detail are some of our favourites. They add a touch of sparkle to any outfit – just make sure you don’t wear your favourite pair in the rain or snow!


This winter, take fashion into your own hands. Be inspired by the 2017’s biggest trends, but make them wearable and comfortable. Fashion doesn’t always have to be expensive, inaccessible or reserved for models. It’s for anyone who is creative and inspired by beauty.

-With Sweet Love

Cinta Manis

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