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Your Guide to the Must-Have Holiday Fashion Keypiece

By CintaManis

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We at Cinta Manis love simplicity, because it takes us back to nature and our roots. Hoarding is a bad habit that can cause clutter in your soul as well as your home. This season, we’re sticking to one item of clothing and mixing it up every day. Holiday fashion has never been this easy!

You don’t have to go crazy on Boxing Day sales like the rest of the mad crowd. Instead of buying more clothes and accessories that will end up gathering dust, stick to your favourites. One quality, trustworthy item can carry you through an entire week, no matter the occasion. We’re going to prove it to you with our number one item in holiday fashion!

A pair of black skinnies is one of our favourite go-to staples. During winter, you can wear the same pair for so many different occasions. With some inspiration from Glamour and InStyle, you’ll soon know how to get through a week on only black skinny jeans (and some good coffee, of course).

Monday Meeting

Heading out to work on a Monday morning is difficult during winter. Grey skies and a long, cold week ahead can bring your spirits down. But at least you don’t have to stress about your beginning of the week outfit.

Your black skinnies paired with a crisp shirt, a cosy, soft jumper and some ankle boots is the perfect Monday look. The boots will keep you warm, the jeans will keep you comfortable and the shirt will give you a professional look. Black jeans are great for an office look because at first glance, nobody knows they’re jeans and you end up looking super business-like!

Don’t be afraid to add some pretty earrings or a colourful scarf to brighten up a dull meeting!

Tuesday Shopping Spree

Christmas shopping, New Year’s resolution shopping and festive season grocery shopping are some of the items on your to-do list this winter. Shopping can be great fun in December and January, not only because of the sales, but also because of all the lovely festive lights and decorations.

In this scenario, you’ll want to be pretty comfortable but most importantly, stay warm. Pair your black skinnies with some comfortable faux sheepskin boots, a turtleneck sweater in a pastel colour and a puffy winter jacket (which is this season’s must-have). Holiday fashion is all about looking festive and walking with a spring in your step.

Think of Cameron Diaz arriving in England in The Holiday and you’ll see what we’re talking about. This is the perfect shopping outfit because comfy shoes + warm jeans = stamina!

Wednesday Work Function

Many office parties happen during the week, including Christmas parties and New Year functions. You want to make sure you look your best in front of your boss and colleagues, but still be warm and comfortable.

Black skinny jeans matched with heeled boots, a soft, flowy top and red lips is a classic look. Stars and galaxy designs are this season’s must-buy print, so don’t be afraid to add a dreamy, metallic top to the look.

You can spice up your look by pairing your heels with some funky socks or by adding a cute, boho-chic beanie.

Thursday Girls’ Night

Headed out with your friends for after-work drinks? Your black jeans are, again, your versatile and loyal go-to item. Pairing them with some thigh-high boots for a fun, sexy look and let your hair down a little. It’s almost the end of the week and Fridays are slow at work, anyway!

A beautiful, colourful handbag can always come in handy and we have the perfect one for you: head over to our online store to see Cinta Manis’ stunning leather handbags and clutches. They would match perfectly with the rest of your holiday fashion.

Don’t forget to keep it sexy! Tight jeans, flattering boots and a big smile will boost your confidence and pave the way for a fun-filled girls’ night with your besties.

Friday Dinner Party

Hosting a dinner party can be stressful, but preparation can take a weight off your shoulders. Preparing everything the night before or the morning of will leave you enough time to get yourself ready and set the mood.

Although it may be cold outside, it’ll be warm in your home so you don’t need to worry about coats and scarves. Grab your trusty black skinnies and throw on a sexy blouse with some fringe detail or a transparent look to it. Pair this with your favourite pair of open heels and you’ve got a great winter dinner party style.

Make sure you’re comfortable, as you’ll be going back and forth to the kitchen, but don’t spend too much time worrying. Everyone just came to have a good time, anyway! Light some candles, put on some jazz music and keep the wine flowing – you can’t go wrong.

Saturday Date Night

A hot date in winter isn’t always so easy to pull off, what with rain and snow and scarves and beanies! But the perfect date outfit, once again, relies on your sexy, sculpting black skinnies. Whether you’re headed for the cinema or a restaurant, leather boots are a great choice.

You might want to go for a slightly tighter or low-cut top to flaunt what you’ve got. Throw on an oversized coat and some elegant, boho-chic jewellery like a drop crystal necklace for a dolled-up look.

Don’t forget to feel comfortable, because confidence is what makes for a great date! Your outfit can play an important role in your mood, so as long as your jeans are doing their job and keeping you warm and feeling sexy, you’re good to go.

Sunday Family Lunch

This is one of the best moments of the week because it’s all about relaxation and spending quality time with the ones you love. During winter, Sundays include fireplaces, cosy knits and big cups of hot chocolate.

Your black skinny will be perfect with a pair of your comfiest sneakers and a soft, woolly jersey. Cuddling up on the couch with your pets and your loved ones has never looked this good.

-With Sweet Love

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