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By CintaManis

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Summer is about resetting your mindset.

It’s all about getting ready for the start of autumn and for revamping your productivity.

Ralph Waldo Emerson put it well, on how your mindset informs your actions

“You are what you think all day long.”

Positive thoughts lead too productive and positive actions. Psychology Today has written several articles on the correlation between your mindset and how it helps you achieve your goals. There’s their article on how to change your limiting beliefs to ones that empower you.

Another article lists strategies for making yourself mentally stronger. Some of Cinta Mnais favorites of these are:

Doing one tough thing a week 

By doing something that puts you outside your comfort zone, you prove to yourself that limiting beliefs are just invisible boundaries. That way, you can become unstoppable.

Writing a gratitude journal

By reminding yourself of your small victories and the little things you have to be grateful for, you turn everything you have into enough – a phrase coined by blogger Today’s Letters.

Taking care of your physical health

Your physical health is directly connected to your mental health. By eating healthy and exercising regularly you ensure a stronger mental attitude.

Creating a timeline for your dreams

Even if your dreams may change over the years, having a mapped-out plan for where they could take you helps you better prepare for what skills and experiences you need to make your dreams a reality.

Spending more time with friends and family

You may have heard that you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with. That means you have to choose those people wisely: so they are people who challenge you and encourage you in your dreams.


These mental exercises will keep you strong and propelled towards your goals. With the proper mindset, you can achieve anything.

Take that summer sun energy and run into the next season of your growth with a positive mindset.

-With Sweet Love

Cinta Manis

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