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Inspirational Women Entrepreneurs from Around the World

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As a designer label founded & daily directed by a female Founder, Cinta Manis believes in girlpower and its power to change lives. Cinta Manis can attest that girl power and the inspiration it embodies can motivate young girls and women to become bold, creative leaders rather than ordinary followers. When women from any age group find strength in their femininity, this new confidence allows for them to shine above all the failures, setbacks, and disappointments in life. Cinta Manis wishes to share these amazing women’s success stories full of beauty, creativity, and boldness. Every girl and every woman should freely follow their dreams as we here at Cinta Manis believe anyone can achieve anything they set their mind on.

Maria Hatzistefanis

Entrepreneur Maria Hatzistefanis

Image by Women’s Wear Daily magazine

Maria Hatzestefani is a refreshing, inspirational woman and a popular social media maven. As the founder & CEO of the British cosmetic and skincare-label Rodial, Maria Hatzestefani managed to start a global beauty brand with extremely minimal funding. During her recent book launch of “Overnight Success”, Maria shared these inspirational words of wisdom regarding how she founded a beauty label that has now attracted millions of devout skincare and makeup-lovers:

“The aim is to encourage everyone to follow their dreams; whether it’s someone starting their first job, people looking to take their careers to the next level or take a different turn and start their own businesses” - Maria Hatzistefanis

Within a very short time period, Maria’s beauty company gained widespread positive attention and stellar reviews on Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms. Amongst Rodial’s devout customer fanbase is the popular and massively influential Kylie Jenner. Known for loving the NIP+FAB product line from Rodial, Kylie openly shares with her followers how amazing NIP+FAB products such as Dragon Blood Serum and Bee Venom facial products have been in providing luxurious pampering and healthy hydration to her skin.

Cinta Manis are impresssed with Maria Hatzistefanis  and regard her as an amazing role-model for girls and women everywhere.

Tory Burch

Tory Burch Foundation

Awarded a prestigious spot on Forbes’ list of Most Powerful Entrepreneurs, Tory Burch is originally from Pennsylvania and is known for her NYC high-end fashion apparel line featuring luxury watches, footwear, designer handbags and preppy-chic clothing. In 2004, Tory Burch collaborated with the highly acclaimed investment firm Goldman Sachs to launch the Tory Burch Foundation- a unique foundation that serves as a resource center for female business owners and aspiring women entrepreneurs with networking and mentorship-opportunities, access to financing and entrepreneurial education and business-advice at low-cost. In 2016, The Tory Burch Foundation launched its very first Fellowship Program for almost 1000 participating women entrepreneurs and after the conclusion of 40,000 votes, the Foundation awarded 10 female entrepreneurs with $10,000 grants each and VIP-access to exclusive business mentorship workshops to pursue their entrepreneurial ventures.

The Tory Burch Foundation’s newest social media campaign encourages women to #EMBRACEAMBITION

Cynthia Ndubuisi

Nigerian Cynthia Ndubuisi

Image by AAAS

Cynthia Ndubuisi is a Nigerian entrepreneur who founded several companies and a staple household product that had a tremendous impact on her native Nigeria. For a long time, Nigerians only had access to bar-soap to wash their dishes. Intent on solving this problem for the Nigerian community, Cynthia created the plant-derived biodegradable EverGlow liquid soap. Soon after, Cynthia gave even more back to her community by addressing  inefficient production of natural plant sources. Specifically, she addressed the Nigerian farming communities’ lack of inefficient use of the cassava plant- a food plant that was rarely used in food and consumer goods despite because of its time-consuming processing. Through her second company Kadosh Production Company, Cynthia successfully invented a new processing machine for the cassava plant by helping Nigerian farmers improve their productivity, raise their profits and reduce waste. We love how Cynthia’s innovative ideas helped transform the entire Nigerian economy and the Nigerian community!

Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan

Image by ClickZ

Now a famous Vietnamese YouTube-influencer with several cutting-edge startups in her portfolio, it is difficult to imagine that Michelle once worked as a waitress in a homely restaurant. Starting her career off by posting makeup tutorials on YouTube, Michelle Phan is a fiercely ambitious serial entrepreneur. Michelle successfully built her personal brand on YouTube and steadily amassed over five million followers in a couple of years. Using her influence on social media, she cleverly established several beauty labels. Known for her beauty-subscription startup by the name IPSY, Michelle successfully raised over $100 million in capital in 2011, making her startup valued at an astonishing $500 million. Once a brand ambassador for several makeup lines, she also founded her own cosmetics brand EM Cosmetics- a trending cosmetics company among millennials. Michelle is an amazing entrepreneurial woman who has used her massive influence to promote non-profit campaigns against child trafficking and victims of abuse. In partnership with several charities in the United States, she managed to fundraise over $100,000 to further the fight against human trafficking worldwide.

Inger Ellen Nicolaisen

Founder of Europe's largest hair salon chain

Image by Hegnar media

Last but definitely not least on our list is Norwegian Inger Ellen- the founder of Europe’s largest hair salon-chain. Founded in 1984, Inger Ellen successfully founded Scandinavia’s leading salon chain, which is today composed of over 140 salons. Recently in May 2017, the Norwegian hair salon chain opened its very first U.S. location in Florida. In her Norwegian book “Det skulle ikke vœre mulig” ( which translates to “It should not have been possible”), Inger open heartedly shares about her successful career as well as her unusual life as the mother of 14 children, 3 of which are her own biological kids.

Over the span of 21 years, Inger Ellen visited an orphanage in a Lithuanian town and adopted 11 Lithuanian children, brought them back to Norway where she provided them with a loving upbringing in her beautiful home country. When asked about her decision to raise 14 children, Inger explains,

“There are many reasons for why I have so many children. One of the reasons is due to the fact that I have traveled to Lithuania and visited orphanages there for over 20 years. It is only natural for a person to offer a helping hand when one is capable of doing so- and that is essentially what I did”

Cinta Manis loves how this woman used her success to bring love and genuine change to these underprivileged children in Lithuania.

Cinta Manis hopes this select list of amazing women entrepreneurs have inspired you to never stop pursuing your dreams and goals. Before we sign off, let us kindly remind you of one of our most favorite quotes:

“Doubt kills Dreams More than Failure ever will” – Karim Seddiki.

-With Sweet Love,

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