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The Ulimate Guide: Capsule Winter Wardrobe

By CintaManis

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The magic of a Capsule Wardrobe is that it contains a collection of basic and versatile clothing items. These items are indispensable to any look and can be worn with most outfits. This season, Cinta Manis is laying the groundwork for our perfect winter capsule wardrobe.

We’re all guilty of impulse buying from time to time. Have you ever regretted buying something after it hangs in your closet for years and never gets worn? By creating a capsule wardrobe, you can avoid unnecessary and wasteful buys. With this exercise you’ll learn to stick to basic, good-quality items that will serve you for a long time to come.

The goal of a capsule wardrobe is for you to splurge on the season’s musts. Once you’ve got that down, add a pop of colour or personalise the outfit according to your mood or the weather. But you have to be aware of your personal tastes. A fun exercise is to walk through the shops and try on a variety of different clothes. Trousers, jeans, shirts, jerseys, coats, dresses and skirts – try them all before deciding which style really makes you feel good.

Once you’ve found your personal style, it should be easy to build your ultimate capsule wardrobe. This winter, we’ve got the must-haves pegged… With some inspiration from our style guides at Vogue and The TrendSpotter.

The Statement Coat

The statement coat is possibly the most basic and useful of all winter items, because you’ll wear it every time you leave the house. However, outerwear for winter tends to be quite pricey. We advise you to invest in stunning, classic and good-quality coats that will be sure to keep you warm.

Whether you choose a colour, a print, a coat with button detail or a classic fit, your winter coat should pair perfectly with any outfit. Add this item to your capsule first!

The Chunky Sweater

There’s nothing quite like snuggling up in a chunky sweater when it’s cold outside. This is true whether you’re out and about or relaxing on the couch. This winter essential is a great item to have in your capsule because you get to stay super comfortable, even if you’re going out somewhere fancy.

A knitted wool or cashmere is a good bet when it comes to this wearable blanket. The soft, cuddly fabric will remind you of bed all day long! You’ll be grateful for having spent that extra Dollar on your chunky jersey.

The Boots

There are different types of boots adorning the shelves this winter, but our two favourites are ankle boots and over-the-knee boots. It’s difficult to find the right shoes in winter because you need your feet to stay dry and warm, but you still want to look classy. Boots are perfect for that, especially if you invest in a great leather pair. Consider buying some “leather food” to render the material waterproof.

Ankle boots are great with jeans and other trousers, whereas over-the-knee boots are making a huge comeback this winter with dresses, skirts and stockings. But feel free to mix them up – after all, fashion rules were made to be broken!

The Skirt

The Skirt can be a maxi skirt, a wool skirt, a knitted dress, a pleated skirt or a suede skirt – anything that you’d wear with stockings and boots. This item is vital because there will be at least one day during winter where you’ll feel sick of wearing trousers and leggings. Those days you’ll be in the mood for something a little more flowy.

Invest in the skirt of your taste and wear it proudly with warm, soft stockings and your great boots. You’ll feel like a winter queen ready to take over the North Pole.

The Puffy Jacket

Ski gear has been making a comeback as everyday winter wear and we’re not disappointed. When you run out to buy groceries, walk the dog or grab a bite to eat, you don’t always feel like spoiling your expensive, pressed winter coat. Puffy jackets are here for you.

Super warm, super stylish and super comfortable, this winter essential should be in every capsule wardrobe. Luckily, this winter, designers are loving the puffy jacket, so feel free to mix it up with your work clothes or Sunday best.

The Trousers

Whether you live in jeans, trousers or leggings during winter, make sure you invest in a great-quality pair that will keep your legs warm on the coldest days. Pants end up being the item of clothing we wear most during winter because it’s just so easy to throw on.

Winter trousers can be wool, suede, denim or leather and each one has its own personality. Pair them with ankle boots, sparkly pumps, or even your high-top sneakers for a fun look.

Once you’ve got the basics down, you can budget for accessories. That’s the fun part! Hats, scarves, gloves and handbags are also essential to a winter outfit, but luckily they’re smaller, more interchangeable and don’t cost a fortune.

Try to think of your capsule wardrobe as a black-and-white drawing. It’s the outline, the foundation and the framework of your whole look. It’s up to you to colour it in with fun and stunning accessories that represent who you are and make you feel great.

-With Sweet Love

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