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Top 5 fashion pieces to invest in this spring

By CintaManis

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Women’s fashion is constantly changing.

At Cinta Manis we believe in that change and fashion that dares to be different. Daring today isn’t just about a different look, but daring to have a different attitude about fashion.

Designers today make it their mission to changes people’s lives with fashion. You can do the same by investing in these few staples to a solid spring wardrobe. Bring on the sun and bring on the style. Use your new pieces to start a conversation, to make a statement or to show your support for a good cause. All the while looking fabulous.

We put together a list of core pieces worth splurging on. Fashion is alive and wants to tell stories. The companies we’ve found to supply your spring staples tell some amazing ones.

1. A dress for everything 

Dressember is a company that uses their platform to raise money for and rescues women from slavery. It has been endorsed by celebrities Shailene Woodley, Debra Messing and Jen Morrison, who participated in the month-long challenge to wear a dress every day of December. But the dresses Dressember is selling aren’t just for those winter month. They have some simple spring designs that are good for every occasion, stand for something important and give jobs to survivors of modern slavery. Get one and start a conversation.

2. Bathing suits that support locals 

At Cinta Manis we do whatever we can for the locals who support us. The people that make our bathing suits live on Bali, where maternity care is nonexistent. So, when one of our talented ladies gave birth and wanted to keep working – but there wasn’t anywhere to watch her child – the boss gifted her an at-home sewing machine. Our simple suits are cheeky and dare to be different but support strong women, so you can feel confident in your staple for spring break.

3. Bag that stands out in a crowd 

Our Cinta Manis bags are made from a unique local Indonesian fabric called sarongs. Woven histories of the oldest families on the islands, they tell the stories of marriages and children being born and other important family events. They are made to fit all kinds of needs from travel to workday, but the material is eye-catching, color-popping and a great conversation starter.

4. Shoes that aren’t just flat 

TOMS you may recognize as a big brand name, but has since gone a little off the radar. The company is still going strong with tons of new styles from boots to sandals to heels to their classic flat. Their simple “one for one” policy of giving never goes out of style. They donate one pair of shoes to a child that needs them for every pair they sell. So one for one, and all for many occasions.

5. Jewelry for any outfit

Article22 makes jewelry from Vietnam War shrapnel in Laos. Theirs is a story of turning something meant to be destructive into something beautiful.  Article22 really hit the ground running when Emma Watson wore their dome earrings on her Beauty and the Beast press tour and talked about their impact in an interview. All their jewelry is simple but provocative, so they pair with everything, but with an edge that will get people talking.


The Cinta Manis take on fashion is about helping tell the small stories as well as the big. Whatever your story is, let Cinta Manis tell it this spring.

-With Sweet Love

Cinta Manis

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