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Head to Toe: Summer Boho Fashion 2018

By CintaManis

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Gypsy women’s fashion blossoms in the summer sun.

Cinta Manis has put together a head to toe look for the boho women’s fashion dream summer wardrobe.

1. Waves That Hang Ten:

Locks so smooth they reflect the sun are the call of the summer. New Zealand based sans [ceuticals] are luxury rejuvenation hair products that leave out all the harmful and unnecessary ingredients. Their balancing hair set brightens and strengthens your locks, pure and clean.

2. Easy Breezy White Dress:

A white dress that whips in the wind is your summer staple this season. This classic easily embellishes with bright accessories. Get your own from the beautiful Cleobella with their Bora Bora Dress.

3. Cherry Nails:

Cherry is the style for summer 2018. For a subtle nod to this season’s bold move, color your nails with Cherry Pie by Kester Black. Kester Black is a vegan, sustainably produced nail polish company from the shores of Australia.

4. Straw Bags:

Natural textures are in this summer in handbags. The Bali Marketplace Cantina by Cleobella is handwoven and lined with hand-picked, local market fabrics, each bag made with love and individuality.  

5. Strappy Sandals:

Sandals with a little sass are what everyone’s wearing this summer. Mahiya Chico Leather Sandals are inspired by the wandering bohemian lifestyle. They are beautifully hand crafted and comfortable for your summer adventures.


From your hair to your feet, let your gypsy spirit soar.

-With Sweet Love

Cinta Manis

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