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Authentic Summer 2017 Neutrals

By CintaManis

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When you wear certain pieces of clothing, does your mood change?

Everyone has those power outfits, that when putting them on makes you feel like a rockstar, or those comfy, rainy day, book reading outfits that make you want to curl up with a cup of tea.

Could all of this have to do with the color of the clothing?

This year we have seen an influx of neutral pallets in fashion, and we truly love this color scheme. Neutrals can easily be matched and dressed up or down, in many kinds of contexts.

However, our love for neutrals runs deeper than their ability to be versatile. When we were designing the Sweet Love of Dreams swimwear collection our number one priority was to make women feel confident and content in their pieces.

So, we started to look at colors, what colors or patterns made us feel confident and content?

Black was an obvious choice. Black is often used in fashion but, it also has powerful effects on our mood. Using black in any outfit can actually make the wearer feel more confident and powerful. Who doesn’t want to feel confident and powerful in a bikini?!

Next, we looked to nature. Neutrals are everywhere in nature and inherently ground us all back to our roots – the earth.

When you think of nature the most common color that comes to mind is green. Green is seen everywhere in nature and is so closely tied to our hearts as humans, that the fourth chakra (our heart chakra) has been given the color green, referring to love, compassion and beauty.

People who wear the color green, experience reduced anxiety, stress, and tension, allowing them to be open to feelings of love and compassion. This has been proven through research and is a common reason that many office’s or spas are often painted green. Wearing green can promote a sense of ease, stillness, and contentment.

One of our favorite colors, seen all over the world in nature (especially in the beautiful season of autumn) is a deep neutral orange; sometimes referred to as ‘rust.’ Orange, as we see on the color wheel, is a mix of yellow and red. Yellow is known to produce feelings of joy and red is the color of passion! Research has shown that people who wear orange experience more enthusiasm, which makes sense seeing that it’s a combination of joy and passion. I don’t know about you but, I can use enthusiasm in nearly every hour of the day.

What color does your mood need?

Allow authentic neutrals that we see all around us, every day to enhance your mood and wardrobe.

After all, why not experience a bit of confidence, contentment, and enthusiasm as you put on your bikini or favourite outfit this summer?

One of the most powerful feelings that we at Cinta Manis have discovered, is the experience of driving your own ship, being the captain of your day, and choosing your mood the same way, as you choose your outfit every morning.

-With Sweet Love

Cinta Manis

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