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Introducing the Sweet Love of Dreams Collection

By CintaManis

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As Walt Disney once said, “A dream is a wish, that your heart makes.” It’s not a deliberate decision, it’s just something that appears in your unconscious mind, and as hard as you try, can’t be forgotten by your conscious mins.

For me, that dream was the Cinta Manis swimwear line.

Cinta Manis is my baby. I desired it, I nurtured it, and nothing gives me more joy than to see it grow. But, the swimwear line was different. It was a far-fetched, blue sky kind of vision that I ran away to on rainy days.

Then all of a sudden things started falling into place, and before I knew it, my scrapbook drawing and blue sky dream is a reality in our 2017 lookbook.  

When I found myself back in Bali, for the countless time, I couldn’t stop thinking about this amazing swimwear line that needed to exist but, didn’t. A big part of my life in Bali is naturally spent on the beach (not complaining!) and it got my creative juices flowing. What would be my ideal bikini? What would it fit like? Who would it fit? And what would it be made from?

Two things became certain; I wanted fabric quality of the highest degree and a cut that every woman could feel confident in. So, I started to draw. Whenever I had down time, or time to get my daydreams to paper, I drew.

I started to research where and how I wanted to manufacture these beautiful little drawings. Cost, of course came into play, but, if you know me, you know my heart is in Bali and the Balinese people.

Then just like that, another piece of the puzzle fell into place. My friend introduced me to TJ Agung. A high-quality boutique bathing suit manufacturer in Bali. TJ and I met and it was an instant kick off, I was honored to work with him, as he hand picks all of his clients based on history and estimated performance. I knew I was the underdog but, I was thrilled to play with the big dogs.

Once I had these stunning bikinis and one-pieces in my hands, it was love at first sight, and sleep was no longer a necessity. I worked day and night to get them online and into the hands of some of my favorite consumers.

Through divine timing and some really amazing people, my swimwear dream was a reality within a few months. Photoshoot and marketing meetings were my favorite part of the week, and today I can stand proudly beside my first swimwear collection and call it the Sweet Love of Dreams collection.

Dreams do come true, and it is my pleasure to share mine with you.

Click below to go directly to the 2017 lookbook.

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