Staying Grounded: How to Hold on to Your Zen This Holiday

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Holidays are meant to be relaxing and give you a break from your normal, hectic life. But Christmas holidays tend to be more rushed and stressful than they should. We at Cinta Manis always make an effort to stay grounded, and we want to share our favourite self-care tips with you.

Seeing your family and traveling far to be with them can cause a lot of stress after a long year of working or studying. There’s heavy traffic on the roads and in the air and the shopping malls are always packed with people doing last-minute Christmas gift hunting. Not to mention large groups of friends or family all staying together… All of these things can cause unnecessary tension in your body and create a messy mind.

We’ve taken inspiration from MindBodyGreen and DoYouYoga to help us handle these types of situations. If you’re looking for a little peace and quiet, follow our handy tips and your mind will feel clear in no time! Then you can go back to your family with a smile and a calm, happy presence.

First thing in the morning

Sleeping in a house full of friends of family members can be noisy and raucous, so make sure you wake up on the right side of bed. As soon as you open your eyes, before checking your e-mail or talking to anyone, take five minutes for yourself. Lie in bed and think about your goals for the day or grab a coffee and write down your thoughts.

Find your center as you’re lying in bed and take deep breaths to start the day. Medidation is a powerful tool to help create a peaceful spirit. Look at the weather, think about your outfit or send blessings into the atmosphere. Trust us, you’ll get out of bed with the right foot and start the day with a smile.

Outdoor time

While the winter holidays may be cold and grey, it’s still important to get fresh air and any small bit of sunshine that may appear. Spending just a few minutes in your garden or on the balcony each day will boost endorphins and keep you grounded.

Wrap yourself up in a cosy jumper and scarf, make a cup of tea and breathe in the fresh air. You might hear birds or a river trickling if you’re lucky. Nature is beautiful during winter and it has a way of reminding us what’s important.

Feed your body

Holidays often call for comfort food and many occasions to celebrate around the table. You can keep your system healthy and happy by eating lots of root vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and ginger. Your body’s happiness is dependent on how you treat it, so be kind.

Stews and soups are nourishing dishes that will help you practise mindfulness in a sustainable way and keep you connected to the Earth.

Sleep (enough)

Holiday calendars are often packed with dinner parties, shopping trips and hosting duties. Maybe you wake up earlier than usual to travel or clean the house.You might go to bed later than usual after partying every night. Sleep is super important for a sound mind and energy levels.

Make sure you sleep enough and regularly so that you can be the best you during the hours that you’re awake. After all, you don’t want to miss out on special holiday moments because you’re constantly tired.

Set the mood

Your direct environment pays a huge role in your mood and mental state. If you’re constantly surrounded by noise, bright lights or pollution you’re likely to be irritable. During these holidays, whether you’re at home or traveling, spend some time creating a pleasing atmosphere.

You can use candles in your bedroom to create dim light before you go to bed or while you soak in a scented bath. In the morning, play some upbeat, happy music to start your day with a dance and a smile. Burn incense in the house for a calming odour and decorate with simplistic but pretty Christmas or holiday ornaments.

Be intentional

If you approach your days with intention, your soul will be soothed. Are you spending time with family, make sure to take in every special moment and be grateful for their presence in your life. If you’re alone, appreciate the quiet and don’t hesitate to call up your loved ones who might be far away. Let the people that you love, know you love them.


Self-care is at the top of our Christmas list this year – as a desire for ourselves and as gifts for our family and friends. You deserve to sleep, eat well, be zen and smile. Give yourself the gift of being grounded this holiday, and the stress will stay at bay.

-With Sweet Love

Cinta Manis

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