Traveling – the ultimate soul cleanse

By CintaManis

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When you step off the plane, feel the warm air on your face and breathe in the tropical flowers; how do you feel?

There is no mystery in saying that at that moment everyone feels alive, grateful and completely present. That is the gift that no one can take away from travel.

No amount of money can ever compare to the feeling of true tropical bliss, and there is actually some science to back it up.

Being on vacation can be a great way to detox from the stresses of everyday life and leave our soul feeling cleansed and renewed.

The power of traveling comes in a few different forms, let’s go through our top four

Brain Chemicals

As we said before, this feeling of bliss and by-product of detoxification can leave us feeling amazing, to say the least.

According to research, higher levels of visible blue space can reduce psychological distress. In addition to the blue sky, the sun can do wonders for improving your mood, by increasing natural levels of serotonin. Another study shows that breathing in ocean air (filled with negative ions) increases our natural ability to intake oxygen, thus again, increasing our serotonin levels.

Serotonin is a big player in feeling great by alleviating depression and stress.


Meditation is often something people think they can’t do or don’t have the patience to achieve. But, on vacation, that wall is broken down, by simply having the time.

Whether you want to call it meditation or contemplation or just plain thinking, something magical happens on holidays. Your creative vibes start flowing, and your mind can relax giving you the space to think.

There is a study to confirm this increased flow of creativity. The color blue is linked to thinking creatively. Again, staring at the cloudless sky has proven rewards.

Some of my most rewarding discoveries have come to life by sitting on the beach in paradise. My paradise is Bali, but whatever that looks like for you will do the trick.


Gratitude is a big one on vacation. Being grateful for your life, your situation, your partner, your family all becomes easier on holidays and no wonder – you are in paradise! But, the amazing thing is that gratitude often pours over into your life once you are back home.

Lasting memories and a change of perception can create a very grateful environment in your home life. The more culturally aware you are, the more open minded and accepting you become.

Sometimes it’s easy for us to take our life for granted. However, once we see a different side of things, we can open our hearts and our minds to others and ultimately heal our soul from any negative thoughts.

There is some astonishing research around a consistent gratitude practice and a happier, longer life. If you feel like you don’t have a reason to be grateful while traveling or today, you need to dig a bit deeper. It can be as simple as breathing in this very moment.


Joy! We all love to receive it and hopefully love to give it too.

Have you noticed that in hot countries people are typically happier? That smile is infectious, and soon, without a doubt, you will be smiling too.

Trying new activities, meeting new people and finding pleasure in unique cuisine all bring joy. And while that joy may seem in the moment, it too will pour into your home life by setting a new norm.

Is your soul in need of a detox?

Sometimes it’s hard to break free of old negative habits, but by being on vacation and experiencing a new level of well-being, we are able to set the bar a bit higher for our emotional state and reflect in times of doubt.

As if traveling wasn’t already a good idea, we hope we have given you a few more reasons to jet off this summer.

-With Sweet Love

Cinta Manis

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